Friday, July 31, 2009

old days

This were the old days. It's just truly amazing how much we missed it. But the love still spread till today!! Thanks to my beautiful parent! they just keep on spreading till keeping us like little babies haha.

That are my brothers pic feroze and my younger brother faliq haha isnt they just cute?!

and that is my sister shazwani at her kintergarten day! she dancing cha cha!! omg! now she all grown up and become more emotionial! lol n she is a lawyer gosh just dont believe it!!

that's my lil brother faliq on the christmas day!! he is so cuteee!! just to good to b true!

hahahah!!! GUESS who is that little girl!!! itsnt she is gorgeous!! till now she is! LOL! well that's me! yay doing some dancing lol i cant remember what kinda of dance i was doing hahha! all i know i had a good timeeee!!!

that is my cousins and my grandparents!!! they r just way too awesome! hehe! loving dovey them hhaha! its fun! this was our first time in GENTING HIGHLANDS!!!

...that is my uncle and aunty and my cuzin! they live in singapore! my dad's brother...we hardly see them :( but we got facebook! lol click click!! hehe...stay in touch :D! i realize all of us getting hotter day by day !!!LOOOL!

This is family photo! not like everyone in i think! lool...but well its was hari raya celebration at my grandma house!!! aww look us we were young and innocent hahaha! now all grown up and busy :( i wish i cud have those times once again!! i missed it!

those were the great sweet happy moment ! lol cuz we got nothing but enjoying our kiddo times!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

flip flops! ;)

i'm back! i was pretty busy with the book! lost of ideas! *bite lips* i miss him a lot until i cant even write the book. he is my charger without listening to his voice or seeing him, im more like a dead zombie walking in towN! LOL! wen i see battery is always full! lol

now i already come up with my own business that is selling flip flops! flip flip it! LOL! i love them! and wedges but i still checking for best supplier for the wedges! cuz im buying bulk not like one pair lol! so i need a reasonable price. i will post sum of the pic of the flip flop once they deliver it to me ! yay i cant wait myself haha!

anyone know any booth? or flea market? i can slip in? cute handsome brother will b working wit me cuz he is cute lol so its a good post for him lol
*evil sis*..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Mother delicious bars :)

Every weekends my mum will always came up with new recipes of her bars :)
and it taste absolutely fabulous just like those you all buy in the hypermarket like nature valley bars, cabury bars..well i save my money haha i don't need to buy any of that at the hypermarket cuz i get free at home and its taste well more delicious :D

My wonderful superwoman mum loves cooking so much and she is excellent in baking as well :) gifted hands! she collect lots of thousand recipes books lol but she never get enough lol she will buy more n more lol..

well we follow her steps too :) i love doing the sweets stuff makes me happy and i always turn out with new dessert of my own lol which it called creativity :)..well I'm into bars now well i leave that to my mum cuz her bars cant beat my bars lol..i show u someday my special dessert :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

feeling all sad

Gosh, i just don't know what got into me these days...i guess a bad week for me? wondering why I'm feeling so down..since Monday I've been like this wish i could just breakthrough...

Am i feeling lonely? no idea...I'm kind lost here i do appreciate if someone could help me around and get my feet back on the ground ...maybe i miss that person too much till i just cant seems to works things in a right ways.. I just been getting weird dreams n not enough sleep :( i hope this week go faster i can relax n be in peace at once again...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

my two lost sister in indonesia lol

My wonderfully lost sister that stranded in Indonesia lol...Liza n ardee wat can i say bout this two wonderful friends of mine :) i just love them to maxi! im thanking god for having them apart of my life everyday ....

Sometimes i wonder n wish we r sisters lol but i guess our parent will go nuts if we are lol..cuz i realized we cant even sit n shut our lips ...we talks n talks n talks lol..just cant shut it off..i know Liz and ardee thru facebook oh well we going to meet soon in December cant wait to go to Jakarta!!! hmm! excited lol..ardee is keeping my juon for too long lol guess juon in love with Bali! hhaha! but we been friends for already 2 n half year..times goes really fast..just a blink of an eyes its already going to finish 2009!

Having this two girl in my life...change me into a crazy maniac lol...cuz I'm already hyper plus now crazy maniac? lol how it turn out? hahha! they r well older n I'm always he younger one lol..god good hahaa! but lol they act like 7 lol hahaha! yet having them teach me a lot in life :D learn how to appreciate things cuz sometimes that thing one gonna comes once ...if u just don't take care of it you just gonna lose it..n regret later? used anymore hahaa!

We did talk n texts a lot lol..they sound like staying few block from my house lol..cuz we talk like everyday LOL! its amazing sometimes u found a really good friend from there ;) which they r really there for you ..its not like i cry now them come lol..but they always they to support you !! n always encouraged...we share a lot of things ..n have some dreams LOL! like travel we loves travel !! love you girls! my mental students lol we sing n laugh for one hour for nothing LOL! truly amazing n unique our friendship is ..they r very precious in my life :) thanks girl love you..this is just a simple note for you two ...

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don't walk behind me, I may not lead; Walk beside me, and just be my friend."

My Love towards Paolo Nutini ;~)

~w00t~ ...wat can i says bout this guy? hmm! his songs makes me super wonderful happy mappy! its like I'm at the beach enjoying the sound of the waves that goes n the wind that blows make my hair look like juon LOL...n his songs surely makes me wanna dance ...n just non stop dancing :D ...

But cant denied those cute face lol..haha so cute fainted ...being honest not a waste listening to his music :D ...his songs does inspired me too! thanks to Paolo Nutini u r awesome..wonderful songs! i love candy so much :) its makes me so happy hahaha n i be in my own world dancing around like no one is here but just me n the person that i love lol..:) love yah!

Friday, July 3, 2009

a pix that capture my eyes!

My life is too simple lol..i love photography very much ..i even adore those people who is into photography cuz they know better how to appreciate the art of it :) this people are like unique! i love the way they plays with their camera :) it make me think it was the easier way job ever lol..but it be easier if u really into it :) n love it !!! haha i cant see a camera lool..i always wanna snip n snap! like camera is apart of me ...

I love Michael Penn's most of this photos are amazing! more into nature i guess :) i love wen he take the photo two toned colour at night ! its just so gorgeous!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Me myself biting nails!

...Yuhuuuuuuu!!! I keep trying not to bite my nails! I'm falling in love wit 7 wonders!!!! always amazed wit it! makes me think of making my own 7 wonders LOL jk!! gosh now like! they like so many 7 wonder..i wonder y lol..7 Modern Wonders, 7 Medievel Wonders omg! looks like i didn't read for so long..but i always do reading lol..guess i missed out that one lol.

But my brains always wondering bout the hanging garden ..wish to have that behind my backyard lol. n i love The Pharos of Alexandria !! awesome its in Egypt! its a lighthouse..after Alexander the Great pass away his commander Ptolemy Soter witnessed the founding of Alexandria and established his capital there.

Oh well, but i prefer the 7 natural wonders! The Grand canyon, The Great Barrief, Victoria Falls, Mounts Everest, The Northern Lights, The Rio De Janeiro Harbor, Particutin Volcano!

i know that every time there is always something new to discover....soon enough there is more coming up :D cant wait ..i love exploring all this mysterious living.

My Hilarious weird Friends

This is pieces of my life that been happening like for years n hope it stay forever cuz this are people that you really want them to stay with you forever..this are people that been put so much rainbow in my life ...they are the one who been sharing my ups n down :D just thanking them for putting me part of their life..its really mean a lot to me :)

Ardee tobing - hehe my wonderful sisterly lol which is consider a lot of mental illness problem :D n one thing bout this mental women is she cant sits next to a cute or hawt guy she goes drooling n her brain shut immediately n stop to function in a right way LOL! love her like so much....we just seems to talk like 24 hours lol...n she can swim from indo to malaysia ..she always do that LOL! she said save money flight lol...weird lol..!

Ari my wifey lol she just one unique person Hawaii girl that rock my pants LOL she has a lovely voice love wit wit Z lol n crasee to the maxi love skittles a lot..loves taking pictures! love talking non stop to says my rawr!!! gf!! love making video shout out! n just n amazing person having she part of me lol..she makes me wahooo!

Delina this woman! is my twinnie we both loves twinkie! we even look like twinkie sometimes LOL! she is one confused woman! she gave me a lot of brain shot! tho i love her ..we been frens for like 3 years already !!! awesome having her my twinnie...she put so much silly jokes n silly moment my life...n too much electrical shock! we spend hours talking bout same thing n we just don't go to other we talk bout shopping that's the topic of the day shop blah blah lol..we loves brag it LOL!

Dom the doomsday LOL@ he is the funnier ..he live in sanctuary bird LOL..he is chef pasta which he takes ages to give me my pasta..he cook for me..but he also eat for me LOL! isnt it just sweet of him?! LOL weird ...he also teach me how to pull trigger lol..aim. shoot .kill the tea lady lol..he likes reggae always ask me to listen n turn out go nuts lol...

G the harry potter lol..his pic makes me think of one..he is serious yet hilarious at times :D i love being around him..he is just contagious! hahaha gotta put good word? lol..but I'm glad having him apart of my mental nut life..i know he get along wit it..or mayb he is one of the nuts lol just want him to know ..its awesome to have him apart for this crazy journey im in it!
n always thinks my frens r like my neighbour lol..cuz we talks like non stop..n they stay far away from me!! :'( cry a river
n i love him no matter wat! :D

Khiwie irwin or known as Steven Irwin ;) its just a wonderful friend that always remain in my life ..this one particular person i just wont ever ditch it :) ...he is my bff! brother my twinnie! we been fren for 7 years! gosh that is long! haha he always there for no matter wat support me in everything! n a good listener! i been spending most of my time wit him :)..he teach me a lot of things ..learn how to forget n forgive people :D thanks ya love u he is sick :( hope he get better soon!! so we can talk bout hair LOL n extension a lot! is just unique which its hard to describe in words! ...he just awesome! :D

This two are wonderful couples :D... may god always bless them. Liza are like my her very much and well not to mention haneev for haveen lol is my secret bf LOL but not secret cuz everyone seems to know it hahaha! liza n me n dee especially are a true wonderful mental bff! yay! this woman is a baboon..n always lost LOL! love them very much :D they r my super hot sunrise i ..burnt out if i sits down LOL! love u guys @@

Those are my dreamer frens that i love like love love! so much! i wud do anything for them..but only legal stuff LOL!..i break too much rules lol..this are the people that appreciate me as who i am :D ...and teach me a lot of things ;) thanks ya guys love you all! god bless u all!!!