Wednesday, July 29, 2009

flip flops! ;)

i'm back! i was pretty busy with the book! lost of ideas! *bite lips* i miss him a lot until i cant even write the book. he is my charger without listening to his voice or seeing him, im more like a dead zombie walking in towN! LOL! wen i see battery is always full! lol

now i already come up with my own business that is selling flip flops! flip flip it! LOL! i love them! and wedges but i still checking for best supplier for the wedges! cuz im buying bulk not like one pair lol! so i need a reasonable price. i will post sum of the pic of the flip flop once they deliver it to me ! yay i cant wait myself haha!

anyone know any booth? or flea market? i can slip in? cute handsome brother will b working wit me cuz he is cute lol so its a good post for him lol
*evil sis*..


Jazzy Romance said...

Heyyy, post the pics of ur flip-flop...wanna see ur maybe i can help ;-)

velvet said...

okay thanks! will do