Friday, July 31, 2009

old days

This were the old days. It's just truly amazing how much we missed it. But the love still spread till today!! Thanks to my beautiful parent! they just keep on spreading till keeping us like little babies haha.

That are my brothers pic feroze and my younger brother faliq haha isnt they just cute?!

and that is my sister shazwani at her kintergarten day! she dancing cha cha!! omg! now she all grown up and become more emotionial! lol n she is a lawyer gosh just dont believe it!!

that's my lil brother faliq on the christmas day!! he is so cuteee!! just to good to b true!

hahahah!!! GUESS who is that little girl!!! itsnt she is gorgeous!! till now she is! LOL! well that's me! yay doing some dancing lol i cant remember what kinda of dance i was doing hahha! all i know i had a good timeeee!!!

that is my cousins and my grandparents!!! they r just way too awesome! hehe! loving dovey them hhaha! its fun! this was our first time in GENTING HIGHLANDS!!!

...that is my uncle and aunty and my cuzin! they live in singapore! my dad's brother...we hardly see them :( but we got facebook! lol click click!! hehe...stay in touch :D! i realize all of us getting hotter day by day !!!LOOOL!

This is family photo! not like everyone in i think! lool...but well its was hari raya celebration at my grandma house!!! aww look us we were young and innocent hahaha! now all grown up and busy :( i wish i cud have those times once again!! i missed it!

those were the great sweet happy moment ! lol cuz we got nothing but enjoying our kiddo times!