Monday, November 2, 2009

Purses & Poison

Little Black Dress books has been my first top ten book. Everytime i went to the bookstore first thing i find is this book. They have quiet a lot of author but each of them have their own way of making all the story turn out great.

Seriously, i don't read romantic comedy book at all. I'm more into thriller. But Little black dress books really catch my eyes. i started to read Forever Summer! Oh my that book so yummy lol ...its soo much fun. My Favorite author will be Suzzane Macpherson. Most of her books really fun and sexy ;). you should start with forever summer and follow by She Woke Up Married ...and now i'm Reading Hysterical Blondeness ( really fun ) worth buying it.

I have like almost all the collection already. But they have more coming up..and i just can't wait to get it. :) My shelves is full of little black dress book haha. its contagious!

Last week i bought Hysterical Blondeness and Purses N Poison. Oh god! its so awesome haha till i'm so confused with one to read first. Well i read the Hysterical..but then i keep peeking on the purses i start to read that now .

Enjoy Reading. By the way the book its cheap. its just RM 21.90 ;)..