Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Mother delicious bars :)

Every weekends my mum will always came up with new recipes of her bars :)
and it taste absolutely fabulous just like those you all buy in the hypermarket like nature valley bars, cabury bars..well i save my money haha i don't need to buy any of that at the hypermarket cuz i get free at home and its taste well more delicious :D

My wonderful superwoman mum loves cooking so much and she is excellent in baking as well :) gifted hands! she collect lots of thousand recipes books lol but she never get enough lol she will buy more n more lol..

well we follow her steps too :) i love doing the sweets stuff makes me happy and i always turn out with new dessert of my own lol which it called creativity :)..well I'm into bars now well i leave that to my mum cuz her bars cant beat my bars lol..i show u someday my special dessert :)


twiddle-dee said...

lol your fam like to cook!! u should make family cooking book!!!! or family cooking show on AFC!!!!

velvet said...

lol dee yeah!!! open one resto