Monday, November 2, 2009

Purses & Poison

Little Black Dress books has been my first top ten book. Everytime i went to the bookstore first thing i find is this book. They have quiet a lot of author but each of them have their own way of making all the story turn out great.

Seriously, i don't read romantic comedy book at all. I'm more into thriller. But Little black dress books really catch my eyes. i started to read Forever Summer! Oh my that book so yummy lol ...its soo much fun. My Favorite author will be Suzzane Macpherson. Most of her books really fun and sexy ;). you should start with forever summer and follow by She Woke Up Married ...and now i'm Reading Hysterical Blondeness ( really fun ) worth buying it.

I have like almost all the collection already. But they have more coming up..and i just can't wait to get it. :) My shelves is full of little black dress book haha. its contagious!

Last week i bought Hysterical Blondeness and Purses N Poison. Oh god! its so awesome haha till i'm so confused with one to read first. Well i read the Hysterical..but then i keep peeking on the purses i start to read that now .

Enjoy Reading. By the way the book its cheap. its just RM 21.90 ;)..

Monday, August 24, 2009


Nothing much to say..August has been a tough month for me. It teach me a lot about friendship, love and family...who to choose ..who to leave them just be my past...till today i know i did a right thing. And i did'nt regret a thing.

I know it might be hard for me to start everything over again but its worth trying than i just wait...i love a guy so much that i feel betrayed for a year. I'm still recovering for shock that he used my friends...i did give him chance ..but he screw it again..n i just don't wanna give it anymore..i don't give up. but I'm just tired talking to people who don't used the brain properly.

haha well i did cry a river but my parents and friends said he isn't worth your tears. well i guess they are right..i shud cry for someone who is worth too. :)
but i really thanks my best friends.. you guys been here comforting me :) especially dee gosh i love u very much girl! u been here all along ..just wen i needed the most. thanks dee.

August is my birthday month. things move smoothly but too much bump ..grr...hope it over soon so i can get bck to watever i suppose too. hmm i feel much bttr as day goes by ...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

flip flop pictures! my taste ;)

hey there! im so tired with all this crazy working hours! tiring! Last weekends was my birthday! its was awesome! now im tired like getting less rest! time is moving way to fast! n im running like crazy here n there! trying to rebalanced it! well! that how it gonna be somehow! just didnt expect gonna b that way to fast!! :(

hey jazzy Romance! yeah here y dont you take a look at those pictures. mayb might help you? hehe

Friday, July 31, 2009

old days

This were the old days. It's just truly amazing how much we missed it. But the love still spread till today!! Thanks to my beautiful parent! they just keep on spreading till keeping us like little babies haha.

That are my brothers pic feroze and my younger brother faliq haha isnt they just cute?!

and that is my sister shazwani at her kintergarten day! she dancing cha cha!! omg! now she all grown up and become more emotionial! lol n she is a lawyer gosh just dont believe it!!

that's my lil brother faliq on the christmas day!! he is so cuteee!! just to good to b true!

hahahah!!! GUESS who is that little girl!!! itsnt she is gorgeous!! till now she is! LOL! well that's me! yay doing some dancing lol i cant remember what kinda of dance i was doing hahha! all i know i had a good timeeee!!!

that is my cousins and my grandparents!!! they r just way too awesome! hehe! loving dovey them hhaha! its fun! this was our first time in GENTING HIGHLANDS!!!

...that is my uncle and aunty and my cuzin! they live in singapore! my dad's brother...we hardly see them :( but we got facebook! lol click click!! hehe...stay in touch :D! i realize all of us getting hotter day by day !!!LOOOL!

This is family photo! not like everyone in i think! lool...but well its was hari raya celebration at my grandma house!!! aww look us we were young and innocent hahaha! now all grown up and busy :( i wish i cud have those times once again!! i missed it!

those were the great sweet happy moment ! lol cuz we got nothing but enjoying our kiddo times!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

flip flops! ;)

i'm back! i was pretty busy with the book! lost of ideas! *bite lips* i miss him a lot until i cant even write the book. he is my charger without listening to his voice or seeing him, im more like a dead zombie walking in towN! LOL! wen i see battery is always full! lol

now i already come up with my own business that is selling flip flops! flip flip it! LOL! i love them! and wedges but i still checking for best supplier for the wedges! cuz im buying bulk not like one pair lol! so i need a reasonable price. i will post sum of the pic of the flip flop once they deliver it to me ! yay i cant wait myself haha!

anyone know any booth? or flea market? i can slip in? cute handsome brother will b working wit me cuz he is cute lol so its a good post for him lol
*evil sis*..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Mother delicious bars :)

Every weekends my mum will always came up with new recipes of her bars :)
and it taste absolutely fabulous just like those you all buy in the hypermarket like nature valley bars, cabury bars..well i save my money haha i don't need to buy any of that at the hypermarket cuz i get free at home and its taste well more delicious :D

My wonderful superwoman mum loves cooking so much and she is excellent in baking as well :) gifted hands! she collect lots of thousand recipes books lol but she never get enough lol she will buy more n more lol..

well we follow her steps too :) i love doing the sweets stuff makes me happy and i always turn out with new dessert of my own lol which it called creativity :)..well I'm into bars now well i leave that to my mum cuz her bars cant beat my bars lol..i show u someday my special dessert :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

feeling all sad

Gosh, i just don't know what got into me these days...i guess a bad week for me? wondering why I'm feeling so down..since Monday I've been like this wish i could just breakthrough...

Am i feeling lonely? no idea...I'm kind lost here i do appreciate if someone could help me around and get my feet back on the ground ...maybe i miss that person too much till i just cant seems to works things in a right ways.. I just been getting weird dreams n not enough sleep :( i hope this week go faster i can relax n be in peace at once again...