Monday, August 24, 2009


Nothing much to say..August has been a tough month for me. It teach me a lot about friendship, love and family...who to choose ..who to leave them just be my past...till today i know i did a right thing. And i did'nt regret a thing.

I know it might be hard for me to start everything over again but its worth trying than i just wait...i love a guy so much that i feel betrayed for a year. I'm still recovering for shock that he used my friends...i did give him chance ..but he screw it again..n i just don't wanna give it anymore..i don't give up. but I'm just tired talking to people who don't used the brain properly.

haha well i did cry a river but my parents and friends said he isn't worth your tears. well i guess they are right..i shud cry for someone who is worth too. :)
but i really thanks my best friends.. you guys been here comforting me :) especially dee gosh i love u very much girl! u been here all along ..just wen i needed the most. thanks dee.

August is my birthday month. things move smoothly but too much bump ..grr...hope it over soon so i can get bck to watever i suppose too. hmm i feel much bttr as day goes by ...